Both in the office and at home – graph works as a small bookshelf as well as a wall-high library. The variable shelves made of aluminum sheet metal stabilize the structure and form. Thanks to the different height of the rear walls a lively color grid that highlights the contents of the shelf and clearly stands out from the wall. In collaboration with bartmann berlin

for bartmann berlin
material: ash veneer, lacquered
aluminium sheet, powder coated

Foto Credit:
Studio Amos Fricke
Sofie Schlafsofa
Ein Sofa? Ein Daybed? Oder ein Bett? Es ist immer Platz für mindestens zwei Übernachtungsgäste und durch seine Länge kann das Sofa auch ohne Ausziehen als Einzelbett genutzt werden.

In Zusammenarbeit mit
Berg, Hertel & Klarhöfer

Plateau Coffee Table
Next to our Plateau side table the Plateau coffee table is out now. 

Available at Fest Amsterdam
material: metal + solid wood
Sideboard 5050
Simple but yet different: The spaces in between are the design element of this wall hung sideboard. A graphically, lively play is created in the interstices of the doors.
They are sharing their handles and are offering storage space in different sizes.

developed in context of Graz Selected 2017
material: veneer wood larch
free to edition
With its delicate and elegant appearance, PUK gently fits into the surroundings. The circular steel foot provides unexpected stability. In combination with the slightly larger, also round tabletop and the inclined leg, a precisely balanced side table is created.

for bartmann berlin
material: metal/solid wood lacquered
Plateau Side Table
The form of the side tables shifts between two-and three-dimensionality – with a focus on both surface and volume. For the base we used a bended, powder-coated metal sheet which opens sideways into space and a tabletop made of painted solid wood. It has a distinct and graphical appearance; yet, is also soft in its form. Plateau is offered in five different colors: royal blue, terra, sand, black and wine red

for Fest Amsterdam
material: metal + solid wood
Whether in the office, living room or kitchen – the 5-part NEON set made of solid oak helps to find a permanent place for everything in the daily confusion. Polished on the outside, painted in the inside, the practical boxes can be arranged arbitrarily. They are ideal for the organized storage of pens, staples, jewelry or keys. In collaboration with bartmann berlin

for bartmann berlin
material: partly colored solid wood
Jura is a tray series with a classic round shape where its uniqueness comes with a simply folded bottom: two compartments are generated. They can be used for ordering things, but also it can be seen as a play: the fold is creating a very strong graphical appearance in color and shadows.

material: powder coated metal
free to edition
The shelf Polar has a clear and delicate look in combination with its playful use. Two rings encloses the shelf – by doing so it not only becomes its very own character – it also offers creative freedom. Whether you lean or hang something on to the rings or use them as a divider, it is entirely up to you. This simple detail brings a casual but yet elegant atmosphere to every wall.

for WOUD
material: metal
The cable is drawing lines into the room where at its peaks simple and elegant lamps are surrounding it. The lamps as well as the cable loops can be arranged however you like: a especially developed mechanism makes it possible to take the electricity at any point at the cable. Amplitude was one of the winning projects of the design contest 1+20, presented by the german design council and exhibited during the Tortona Design Week 2017.

developed in context of
design contest ein&zwanzig 2017
material: aluminium/metal/LED
free to edition
Lenz is an iconic combination of chair and lounger: Its curved seat shell made of ash plywood and powder-coated steel legs adapts to a variety of situations. A clever connection between shell and pillow makes it easy to remove and wash the pillows. The high quality fabric is manufactured by Kvadrat. Lenz is the result of a design collaboration with bartmann berlin and Hanne Willmann.

for bartmann berlin
material: ash lacquered/removable cover fabric from Kvadrat
Forest is a shelf system guided by the aesthetic and constructional principles of a plant. The shelves rise organically like leaves from branches and thus not only form a stable foundation but also solidify the entire shelf system. he biomorph structure is subtle and economic – an unusual form combining a maximum stability with minimum amount of material. It is easily extendable and can be rearranged repeatedly.

diploma project
material: deep drawn metal-sheets/wood
one off prototype
Plue is a new type of Wire-Chair, whose metal grid was provided with a foam lining through a manufacturing technique that we developed in search of an innovative alternative to the common design of the seat surfaces of Wire-Chairs – the subsequent addition of a seat cushion. Thus Plue is different from other Wire-Chairs – its comfortable foam grid seat has a distinctive aesthetic.

material: metal and foam
in collaboration with Hanne Willmann
one off prototype