Yearbook 12 –

Because of Solitude 2014


In collaboration with Berenike Mack

Publisher Akademie Schloss Solitude,

Jean-Baptiste Joly


The time frame covered by this yearbook, the years of 2012 and 2013, bear witness to the institution’s liveli­ness, especially to its fellows’ diversity and imagina­tion.

(The institution's diversity is largely rooted in its scholarship program, which brings together people from various backgrounds who creatively work together...) This is why we wanted to place the scholarship holder at the center of attention. We printed and stamped their names on the book cover. While on the back, the names are printed and stamped mirror-inverted. The names leave their imprint on the whole book.

This method is also used on the neon-colored inside part of the book. On every doub­le page, the name of the scholar holder is printed on the exact same location as on the cover. The names

dictate the layout of the page (left: printed in 100% color mirror-inverted, right: 60% color, similiar to a mark).