Zeig her, Führ vor, Tausch ein: Performance - Art - Akademie.
Show, Demonstrate, Exchange: Performance - Art - Academy


In collaboration with Sarah Baumann


A publication for the department of Fine Arts / Intermedia Arts of the State Academy of Fine Arts in Stuttgart.

Edited by Discoteca Flaming Star and John Paul Raether.

Contributions: Jeremiah Day , Felix Ensslin, Sabrina Karl, Karolin Meunier, Yorgos Sapountzis, Ute Waldhausen,

and others.


The subject of performance affects the layout of the publication. We tried to bring a dynamic and movement in the book through the typography. Johannes Paul Raether and Discoteca Flaming Star organized the publication which documents in examples the performances and discussions of the first two events organised in Berlin and Stuttgart.

In addition texts by the artists Karolin Meunier and Jeremiah Day, especially written for the publication, deepen the immediate impres­sions of the evenings and reflect from their own practice on problems developed in the field of perfor­mance, art and academy.